We love homesteading. While living in a modern society, we value getting back to the basics of life. We love finding ways to be more self-sufficient, more natural, more frugal with our resources, and to care for the earth and the health of all living creatures.

Homesteading is not a new concept, and it’s certainly not limited to the farm life. Indeed, homesteading is becoming re-defined as people across the world, and even those living in the suburbs and urban cities, are ready for change and for a better quality of living.

Our blog is a passion project. We love all the tangible benefits of homesteading, and we are excited about all of its potential. We think the homesteading life is a contagious one, and we hope to share its spirit.

About Homestead Spirit

Homestead Spirit is a broad website in that it covers everything about the homestead life with an emphasis on do-it-yourself ways to grow and improve your home and property. But we also cover animal care, gardening and landscaping, food preparation and recipes, home remedies, natural home solutions, and self-sufficiency projects.

The lion’s share of our site’s content is images and video. This makes sense because at the end of the day nothing communicates inspiration better than photos and live demos.

Thanks for visiting. Please continue to browse our site to learn even more about Homestead Spirit. Should you need to reach us, you can contact us here.