These beautiful cookies can be made easily with out without a cookie cutter. So good!

You don’t need even a single cookie cutter for any of these cookies. For the round shaped cookies, a glass or mason jar lid will do, depending on the size of cookie you want! Some only require dipping a pre-made cookie in chocolate or dipping icing and then adding a little glitz and glamour.

If you are really stretched for time, check in your local grocery store refrigerated section – there you will find sugar cookie dough already made for you. You just need to slice the dough, cook, and decorate. Your excuses are now sounding SO pitiful…

A lot of people profess to have the “Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever.”  Over the years we have tasted MANY a sugar cookie and we’ve yet to taste one from a recipe that’s any better than the sugar cookie recipe that comes from the original cook book – The Betty Crocker Cookbook. Recipes that many a Mom have claimed as her own were taken (discreetly, of course) directly from those pages.

The cookies included in the list below require no (or only a tiny bit of) artistic skill. Follow the directions and you’ll do great! You’ll have plenty of cookies to eat and more to give away.

(If you have someone in the family or a friend that loves cookies but can’t tolerate the usual food dyes, you can find natural food dyes here in yellow, red, and blue.)

Christmas Trees – No Cookie Cutter

No cookie cutters needed for these christmas tree cookies.

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Let’s start with these really easy christmas tree cookies.  Seems like anyone should be able to handle just a squiggle of icing and a red hot. Come on – get to it!

Jingle Bells

No cookie cutters need for these beautiful jingle bell cookies.

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These Jingle Bell cookies are so original! You’ll jingle all the way with Sweet Suarbelle’s printable template for cookie-making perfection.

Melted Snowmen

No cookie cutters need for these cute melted snowman cookies.

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Maybe this is just wrong to think, but should the snowmen look so darned happy about melting? If you’re serving them at a party full of twisted wits, maybe you should put horrified looks on their faces. 🙂

Santa’s Face

No cookie cutters need for these Santa face cookies.

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Not only do you not need a cookie cutter to make these Santa cookies, you don’t really need a bowl. Due to all of us being really short on time these days, you could start out with pre-made cookies from the store. As a result, all you’d need to make these cookies is a little inspiration and, of course, some white and red icing, plus some red sprinkles.

Reindeer Faces

No cookie cutters needed for these fast and easy reindeer cookies.

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These reindeer cookies are so cute! The face is designed with pre-made icing that comes in a tube, and the nose is a M&M.


No cookie cutters needed for these adorable penguin cookies.

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These penguin cookies are super sweet for a winter holiday theme.

Penguins Skating

No cookie cutter needed for these skating penguins cookies.

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These ice skating penguins! are our favorite! With this recipe and directions, amazingly cute cookies that don’t require cookie cutters just don’t get easier. If you’re making these to go with coffee, the penguin would be delicious made from a chocolate covered espresso bean instead of a licorice jelly bean! (Spoiler alert – the tiny feet and beak are made from orange candy coated sunflower seeds.)

Snowman Faces

No cookie cutter needed to make these snowman face cookies.

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You don’t even need an “ornament” cookie cutter for these snowman face cookies. Just mash a little ball of dough on the circle after you cut it out with a glass or mason jar lid. As a result, with just a little bit of time, you’ll have some really great cookies.

Christmas Ornament

No cookie cutter needed for these fast and easy holiday ornament cookies.

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These Christmas ornament cookies use Rolo candies instead of the standard Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. You can use either – it’s good to have choices.

Snowflake Cookies

No cookie cutter needed for these beautiful snowflake cookies.

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It’s not often that a cookie could be described as gorgeous, but this time it’s appropriate for these beautiful snowflake cookies. These are almost too good looking to eat. We said “almost.”

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies – No Cookie Cutter

No cookie cutter needed for these christmas tree cookies.

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Is cutting a circle out of dough with a mason jar lid rim just too much for you? Then just roll out the dough into one large sheet, cut them into triangles, cook, add a little icing and some sprinkles. Voila, you have beautiful Christmas tree cookies! Also, here’s a link for naturally tinted sprinkles.

Peanut Butter Turtle Cookies – Has Never Needed A Cookie Cutter

No cookie cutter needed for these peanut butter turtle cookies.

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We don’t believe a cookie has to be decorated with a holiday theme to be given or served at a holiday. A great looking and great tasting cookie is always appropriate, no matter what time of the year. This would be a great one to do with kids.  They roll the dough into balls and let mash them with a fork, then roll up smaller dough balls and attach them for the head and feet, while you supervise and clean up the gigantic mess. Look! We made turtles! And now Mommy’s taking a nap.

Melted Snowman Bark

No cookie cutter required for this white bark melted snowman.

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Technically not a cookie, but definitely an easy holiday treat. A melted snowman is always sad to kids and humorous to adults. (Warning – Less funny in many parts of California where snowmen are just considered a quaint legend.) These Melted Bark Snowman treats not only don’t require a cookie cutter, they don’t even require an oven. If you are patient, you can melt the chocolate in the sun on a piece of aluminum foil made into a little “pan.”.

Dipped Oreo Christmas Tree

No cookie cutter needed for these Oreo dipped Christmas Tree cookies.

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Here’s one where you don’t even need to make a cookie! These Oreo-Dipped Christmas Tree cookies are easy and fast and, most of all, there is a huge variety of Oreo cookie flavors to choose from!

Snowmen Nutter Butters

No cookie cutter needed for these Nutter Butter dipped snowmen.

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Here’s another “no cookie cutter” cookie where you don’t even have to bake a cookie! For these Snowman Nutter Butter Cookies all you need to do is buy the Nutter Butters, then practice designing them into perfect little snowpeople. Of course, you’ll have to immediately eat the practice cookies that weren’t “just right.” 🙂

Dipped Gingerbread Mistletoe Cookies

No cookie cutter needed for these Gingerbread Dipped Mistletoe cookies.

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Here’s yet another idea that only involves dipping a pre-made cookie into some icing. Check out this recipe, if you prefer homemade gingerbread cookies over pre-made.

Star Wars Characters Cookies

No cookie cutter needed for these Star Wars Character cookies.

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Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like Star Wars cookies. Make them for your Star Wars enthusiast – and we all know one. (This site behind this link is in Spanish, but you will be amazed at some of the Star Wars party ideas you can get from just looking at the photos.)

The Mouse Dipped Oreo Cookies

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Easily recognizable as Mickey Mouse, of course. Again, you don’t even have to bake! Just melt chocolate and dip!

Barnyard Animal Cookies

Photo by Petite Patisserie

Photo by Petite Patisserie

If you’re looking for a farm themed holiday, look no farther with these Barnyard Animal Cookies.


No cookie cutter required for these Minion cookies.

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Who doesn’t want Minions? Lots and lots of Minions. Oh, and Minion cookies, too.

Decorating Cheat!

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Hold everything! Even though this example photo shows Day of the Dead skulls, take a look at how they are being decorated here. You don’t have to be an artist to create dazzling designs – as long as you can trace an image onto parchment paper. On this website, you’ll see lots of creative things to make and easy ways to make them. Plus, they tell you how to mix many icing colors like teal, grey, and purple.

Lambs – No Cookie Cutter, No Baking, No Work

No cookie cutter needed when you buy your cookies online.

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“I can’t make those!” Well, for those of you that think you just absolutely can’t make cute and awesome cookies for the holidays, you don’t have to! You can actually buy them online and have them shipped in plenty of time to convince your friends and family you made them yourself. You’re welcome.

Snow Globes – (LHEBakes)

Grinch – (SweetConfectionsJess)

Mitten (custom) – (Busybee0715)

Tropical Christmas – (Heidissweetshoppe)

50 Ways To Package Your Cookies For Gifting Them

50 ways to package the delicious no cookie cutter cookies you've made.

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Finally, here’s a bonus for reading all the way to the end. After you get your great looking cookies made, you can package them up with one of these cool ideas featured by Stephanie Lynn. One of the creative ideas for single cookies is an idea from Martha Stewart, and involves packaging cookies in a CD sleeve. You can buy CD envelopes with the windows in bulk here.